Saturday, November 16, 2013

Another Try

Holy cow!!  More than a YEAR since the last post?!?!  That is worse than bad.

Well, I certainly have plenty of time on my hands, so that is no excuse.  I have been pretty sick, so I supposed I could use that, but that seems so evasive.  So I am just going to apologize and renew an attempt to share the fun I have reading.  I am going to add some of what I am watching, too.  I never watch regular TV, partly because it is crap and partly because I never remember when what I like is on.  Pathetic.

And I want to get as much writing done as possible because in addition to MS, I have received the devastating diagnosis of Stage IV breast cancer.  I am never going to win the Pulitzer Prize.  But I can have a good time with this.

I am going to keep things super simple, just giving thumbs up or down unless there is something spectacular to describe.

So, reading:

I went through a Maeve Binchy phase.  She is not my favorite, but sometimes her multilayered novels with a wide variety of characters are just like comfort food.

Even better were the books of Marcia Willett, which I could not read fast enough for their very Englishness and human, flawed characters.


These two were terrific fun, written in the '30's, telling the story of impoverished Miss Buncle and how she triumphs through writing a novel about her little village and it's inhabitants.


I have long adored Stephen Fry and recently discovered a series he did for UK television.  He plays a small town solicitor who is perpetually solving other people's problems.  A wonderful cast and amusing stories make for true escapism.

(Also on Netflix.)

When the original Inspector Morse was on PBS in the 1980's, I was busy having and raising four children, so I missed the whole series.  I have been catching up recently with the introduction of "Endeavor", the prequel to the stories.

So now I am madly in love with John Thaw, which is extra heartbreaking as he passed away in 2002.  But his body of work is remarkable in these mysteries and the ancillary series of Inspector Lewis and Endeavor just add to the fun.

My only quibble with Endeavor is in endeavoring (tee hee) to establish Morse as the solitary figure he becomes, they overdo it a tad, making him appear more creepy and emotionally disturbed than quirky.  But the writing and acting are just wonderful, across the board.


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