Monday, September 6, 2010

A Hiccup

Somewhere along the way, an application for comments attached itself to my blog. I didn’t download it, it just appeared and I hated it. It was cumbersome and didn’t e-mail me when a comment was left and I have spent almost a year fighting with them to get it removed. Finally, I had to send the entire HTML code for them to remove it. AND THEY REMOVED ALL THE COMMENTS TOO!!! Which they had assured me wouldn’t happen.

So if you left a comment for the book give away, please leave another? Or e-mail me and tell me you left a comment and I’ll add your name. I am extending the contest by another week, to September 21, for people to catch up. The book I am offering is Past Caring by Robert Goddard, a great saga of mystery, betrayal and love that stretches over seventy years.

Sorry for the complication. Nothing in my life is ever easy. And I hate the people at Echo who caused all this trouble in the first place. Bastids!

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Anonymous said...

Please enter me in this contest.


Marie said...

Absolutely, Carol! Thanks for stopping by. :)

Linda said...

You have a lovely, informative site here. I don't get to read "books" like I used to, but some I've seen here do sound interesting, especially "Gone-Away Lake". I'd be pleased to be entered in your giveaway.

Marie said...

Hi Linda! Thanks for stopping by and especially for leaving your comment! I am glad you like the site and I appreciate your kind words. :)

Tarheel Rambler said...

Your comment app experience is another reason I'm glad I moved from Blogger to a self-hosted Wordpress site almost 2 1/2 years ago. I control the plug-ins and applications much more completely and things like you experienced don't happen as easily.

Dirty Butter said...

So sorry you've had trouble with Blogger. I, too, have moved to Wordpress. But I did get a programmer to help me do it, and there are still some bugs to be ironed out. I do like WP better, but I can't say it's perfect, by any means.

I found you while surfing on Expose Your Blog.

Marie said...

Hi Tarheel and DB! Thanks for stopping by!

Generally speaking I am happy with Blogger. But with all the buzz about Wordpress, I decided to switch over last year. Ironically I had HUGE problems, the most significant being when I signed on, I was accessing someone else's blog as well!

I let her know and we both let Wordpress know, but they couldn't offer any explanation or solution! So I decided to stick with Blogger.

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