Saturday, April 2, 2011

Too Many Books

Did I say that?!?!

I am someone who believes you can never have too many books. But I am up to my eyeballs and have nowhere left to put them. I have bookcases in my living room, bedroom, den and upstairs and books are still double and triple stacked. While I have a pathological love for an overabundance of books, my practical side realizes that I really should weed some out.

Pant. Pant. Pant. I’m hyperventilating.

So after taking some deep breaths and a boatload of Xanax, I have decided to do some giveaways. Every week or so I will offer a few books, drawing a name from anyone who leaves a comment that week.

These are second hand books, but they are in good shape, read only once and FREE to the lucky winner. Yay!

So here are this week’s books:

The Alibi Club by Francine Mathews (reviewed 4/1/11)

I didn't love it, but maybe you can keep track of the action better than I could.

The Fate of Katherine Carr by Thomas H. Cook

Writer George Gates is haunted by the unsolved murder of his son. He becomes involved in the case of Katherine Carr, a woman who went missing years earlier and has never been found. Is her disappearance linked to his son’s death? An interesting novel about justice.

Missing by Karin Alvtegen

Sybilla is a 30-something woman living by her wits on the streets of Stockholm, occasionally fleecing a businessman out of a meal and a hotel room. When one of her marks is murdered, she goes on the run and tries to prove her innocence. The novel goes back and forth in time, telling the story of how and why she chose the life she leads.

Birth Marks by Sarah Dunant

Hannah Wolfe is a London based private investigator. She is asked to find a missing ballet dancer who is later found, pregnant, drowned in the Thames. She continues to follow the case, not believing the woman was a suicide. Written in 1993, the book's premise is dated by current science, primarily DNA testing. But it is still a tolerable mystery.

Leave a comment from now until Friday, April 8 and you will be entered in the drawing. Good luck!

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Don said...

Wow, no comments yet!! Although I guess you did just post it!!

One can never have too many books, one only has a lack of room to put them, unless you get a Kindle or Nook... ;)


Nicky said...

I love to read! I'm sooooo in and maybe I'll have better luck than I did at the slumber party! :-)

Stormwind said...

Please don't enter me in your giveaway; I have the same problem. But recently I started weeding out some of my novels and am packing them up to donate to a women's shelter in the area (along with some clothing). I thought perhaps that idea might work for you too.

Rachele said...

I love to read and those books all sound good. I oreder books 4-6 at a time and have a stack of three to read but I could always use more.

Marie said...

Thank you for stopping by everyone!! You will be entered in the drawing.

Stormwind, I won't enter you as you asked. But that is a great idea, thanks so much for the suggestion!!

Jeremy from We Took The Bait said...

I missed the cutoff... which is just as well.

My father in law built my wife and I a bookshelf that's completely filled with books.... even after giving away a couple thousand books to an upstart second hand store in our area.

I do love a good mystery, though.

Susanne Iles said...

I just discovered your blog a few minutes ago and I am delighted! As a bibliophile I share your enthusiasm!! (I could live in a library...seriously) That being said, I would be so happy to be added to your next draw. (I live in Ireland, if that poses any difficulty as far as postage goes, well, I understand..I will still happily follow your blog...great work!)

Marie said...

Jeremy - thanks so much for stopping by! You're not too late for this week's giveaway, so you will be entered for the next four books. I enjoyed reading your blog. :)

Suzanne - welcome, thanks for stopping by! I am so happy you found me. :) I would be happy to enter you in my giveaway, but I checked the postage and it is a bit expensive. The cheapest rate was $13 to $14 dollars. I just hate to say flat out 'no', so let me see if there would be a less expensive option. I still have many relatives in Ireland, maybe if you won I could just drop them off next time I'm visiting. lol

Thanks again to everyone who left a comment!

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