Saturday, April 25, 2009

Book Preferences

Stephanie B., at her blog Ask Me Anything, recently put up a Book Meme that was fun to do, so I have made it today's post. (For anyone who does not know, click for the definition of a meme, from The Daily Meme.)

1. To mark your page you: use a bookmark, bend the page corner, leave the book open face down? I do all of these, but which depends on the book and it’s value to me.

2. Do you lend your books?
Yes, I love giving someone a chance to enjoy the same books I do.

3. You find an interesting passage: you write in your book or NO WRITING IN BOOKS! I wrote in my textbooks in college and graduate school, but I can’t think of a reason I would write in a regular book that I have.

4. Dust jackets - leave it on or take it off?
Again it depends. If it is a book I really treasure and want to make sure the dust jacket stay in good shape I will take it off and leave it on the book case.

5. Hard cover, paperback, skip it and get the audio book?
I read hard covers and paper backs but have never gotten into audio books, especially ones that abridge the text.

6. Do you shelve your books by subject, author, or size and color of the book spines? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

7. Buy it or borrow it from the library later?

8. Do you put your name on your books - scribble your name in the cover, fancy bookplate, or stamp? I used to use bookplates until I learned they could damage the value of a book later. Plus, they seemed pretentious. So now I don’t put my name in at all.

9. Most of the books you own are rare and out of print books or recent publications? About one quarter rare books, one quarter out of print and the rest more recent.

10. Page edges - deckled or straight? Hmmm…not sure what this means. My preference? I have none.

11. How many books do you read at one time? It can be up to three.

12. Be honest, ever tear a page from a book?
Not on purpose. It would make me sick to damage a book.

How about YOU?



Marie said...

Marie, I didn't know you had two blogs. This is fantastic. I love Nourish:Living, Laughing, Whining, and now I can adore, The Shore Worm. What a great name. I'm going to purchase an ad on both blogs soon.

I tried to already, but I haven't earned enough credits, and I didn't have enough funds in my pay-pal account to cover it. :((

However, rest assured, (forgive me for repeating myself,) I certainly will place an ad on both sites as soon as possible.

Thank you for placing an ad for your sites on A Nice Place In The Sun. I am thrilled.

I love your layout. It reminds me of my mothers living room, which I could spend a week reading and napping in. Her living room is covered with wall to wall wooden bookcases. She has a latter with rollers on the bottom that is latched to the top of the cases, so you can browse through the books on the top. Isn't that cool?

Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I feel the same way about books. I love, love, love them...

Also does Shelfari make bookcases for children's books? It would be a wonderful way to display new books to my readers.

Also, The Amnesiac sounds great. Thanks for the title, and thanks again for thinking of A Nice Place In The Sun when placing your ads.

Have a marvelous week~


Marie said...

Oh my gosh! You do have bookshelves like my mothers. What a marvelous's simply heavenly~


Marie said...

Ah, books...

I'll do this meme on my blog.

Marie said...

Marie, what a beautiful site you've created here--all we need is a some tea and macaroons and I'm set for the afternoon. xoxo

Marie said...

Fun- does it matter what the book looks like? It's a BOOK.

Marie said...

I enjoyed reading your book meme so much, I put one up on my site!! Thanks for sharing, Marie!

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