Thursday, April 23, 2009

Found one! And then, the other!!

Out of curiousity, even though I had done this a dozen times before, I googled 'polio', 'ballet' and 'vintage children's book' looking for my little ballet book, mentioned in the previous post.

Up pops this FANTASTIC site, Loganberry Books. It is a marvelous bookstore, run by a mother and daughter, that features selected new, used and rare books. Sadly for me, it is in Ohio. But a special online niche is a book search, for people like me who only have the vaguest clues, called Stump the Bookseller.

Within two minutes I discovered the book I am looking for is called Little Ballerina and was published in 1958 by Rand McNally. Part of my past searches were probably impeded by the fact I put in 'polio' as a query. Apparently, the book doesn't mention polio, just that this little girl has weak ankles.

Five minutes later, my bid for it was in on Ebay. With luck, I can have it in two weeks.


Stump the Bookseller is like a smorgasbord of childhood memories, people just sending in the barest details about a treasured book they remembered. The success rate is astonishing, as high 75 % one year. There is a tiny fee of $2.00 if you have a book you would love to find but don't remember the title or author.

It is fun just to peruse the queries.

And then...

I figured just for the heck of it, I would put in 'french doll' on Ebay. And what do you know?

My other book popped up as if it had been waiting for me. A Doll for Marie by Louise Fatio was available with a Buy It Now option and buy it then I did. :) I should have it in my hands within a week.

I have to say it again. After all these years, amazing.



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